6 resume mistakes CISOs nonmoving make

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Dan Bowden had the right mix of experience and credentials to earth his next CISO post, but he wanted to make sure his resume reflected that fact.

So Bowden hired a professional resume consultant at the start of his search. (“It was well worth it,” he says.)

The advisor had him consider what his existing executive colleagues would say about his contributions to their organization—“the events, the activities, the accomplishments”—and then lead with those ideas rather than the technical skills and detailed security work that often dominate a CISO’s resume.

“It helped me get more insight into what is main, what kind of things you should draw attention to and what should go at the top of the resume. And all of the certifications and the instruction things, they were at the very undersurface,” Bowden says. “It wasn’t that [my unused or little used resume] was totally different. She used all the information that I had, but she helped me understand what mattered and what should be highlighted. That’s what I missed, that concept of what really mattered. I didn’t understand how to make it pop on a resume.”

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